Sunday, March 29, 2020

To The Tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

‪Um DaddyDaddyDaddy um Daddy please‬

‪Um DaddyDaddyDaddy um Daddy please‬


‪Even just the thought of that‬
‪increases how I want Him‬

‪If He spanks me hard enough‬
‪My cum will surely soak Him‬


Saturday, March 21, 2020

To The Tune of Down Down Baby (Down by The Roller Coaster)

‪๐ŸŽต Down, down baby, on your knees to worship Daddy‬

‪๐ŸŽต Sweet, sweet baby, ‬don’t you waste a drop, girl‬

‪๐ŸŽต Shimmy shimmy, on His cock! Shimmy shimmy, now!‬

‪๐ŸŽต Shimmy shimmy, on His cock! Shimmy shimmy, now!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

To The Tune of Georgie Porgie

๐ŸŽต Orgy, orgy, one girl for two guys,‬

‪share my holes and make me sigh,‬

‪Shove your cock deep past my lips ‬

‪Orgy orgy bring your whips!๐ŸŽต

Sunday, March 8, 2020

To The Tune of Zippity Doo Dah

‪๐ŸŽถ Zippity doo dah, zippity hey!‬
‪๐ŸŽถMy dad-dy spanks  my troubles away‬

‪๐ŸŽถMany orgasms coming my way‬
‪๐ŸŽถRed cheeks are stinging‬
‪๐ŸŽถ“More, please!” I say‬

Sunday, March 1, 2020

To The Tune of Miss Mary Mack

๐ŸŽถMy Daddy Max, Max, Max

๐ŸŽถAll dressed in slacks, slacks, slacks

๐ŸŽถWith leather belt, belt, belt

๐ŸŽถMy ass He smacked, smacked, smacked

Sunday, February 23, 2020

To The Tune of Say Say Oh Playmate

‪๐ŸŽถDaddy, oh sinmate‬
‪Come out and sin with me‬
๐ŸŽถ ‪And bring your flogger, please‬
‪Pinch hard my small titties‬

‪๐ŸŽถPull down my panties‬
‪Your cock in my back door‬
๐ŸŽถ ‪And we'll be naughty friends‬
‪Forever more more more more more!‬

Sunday, February 16, 2020

To The Tune of Hot Cross Buns

๐ŸŽต Hot sub buns,

Hot sub buns,
Red from spanking,
Warm from spanking,
Hot sub buns.
๐ŸŽต If you have a princess,

If your sub is fun,
Red from spanking,
Warm from spanking,
Hot sub buns.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

To The Tune of Clean Up (from Barney and Friends)

๐ŸŽต Spank me!

     Spank me!
Daddy, won’t you spank me, please?
๐ŸŽต Spank me!
    Spank me!
With red cheeks your cock I’ll  tease!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

To The Tume of The Ants Go Marching On

‪๐ŸŽถ ‪He gives me spankings one by one, hurrah, hurrah‬

He gives me spankings two by two, hurrah, hurrah

๐ŸŽถ ‪He gives me spankings three by three‬

‪His little one is filled with glee‬

๐ŸŽถ ‪And then he keeps on spanking my. ass. red‬

‪I wiggle. all around, Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!!‬

Sunday, January 26, 2020

To The Tune of Take Me Out to The Ball Game

๐ŸŽตSpank me out of my bad ‘tude
Spank me out of it now
๐ŸŽต Pull down my panties and bruise my ass
I need spanks now, Daddy end my sass
๐ŸŽต Daddy, spank, spank, spank my butt right now
If my cheeks aren’t red it’s a shame!
๐ŸŽต For it’s one, two, ten spanks to make 
your princess tame!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

To The Tune of Hush Little Baby

๐ŸŽตHush little princess, don't make a sound.
Daddy's gonna spank your ass, so round.

๐ŸŽตAnd when your ass is nice and red,
Daddy's gonna tie you to the bed.

๐ŸŽตAnd once your handcuffs are unlocked,
Daddy's gonna feed you His yummy cock.

To The Tune of If You're Happy and You Know It

๐ŸŽตIf you’re Daddy and you know it, spank my ass
If you’re Daddy and you know it, spank my ass

๐ŸŽตIf you’re Daddy and you know it, 
then my cheeks will surely show it.

๐ŸŽตIf you’re Daddy and you know it, spank my ass  
๐ŸŽตIf you’re sadistic and you know it, pinch my thighs. 
If you’re sadistic and you know it, pinch my thighs

๐ŸŽตIf you’re sadistic and you know, 
mark my flesh to surely show it. 

๐ŸŽตIf you’re sadistic and you know it, pinch my thighs.

To The Tune of It's Raining It's Pouring

๐ŸŽตIt’s raining. It’s pouring. 
My Daddy is not snoring.
๐ŸŽตcuz he’s spanking my princess ass red
and fucking me hard until morning

To The Tune of You Are My Sunshine

๐ŸŽตYou are my sinmate,
my only sinmate.

๐ŸŽตYou make my ass cheeks
bright red and warm.

๐ŸŽตYou'll never know, Sir
how much I crave you.

๐ŸŽตPlease shove your cock
in my mouth now!

To The Tune of Baby Beluga

๐ŸŽตDaddy, your princess lowers to her knees
I want your cum, oh Daddy, please

๐ŸŽตCock in my mouth and hand in my hair
Open my shirt, and my breasts are bare

๐ŸŽตDaddy, please, Daddy
Daddy, please, Daddy

๐ŸŽตWill you fuck my mouth?
The taste of your cum makes me so happy!

To The Tune of Auld Lang Syne

๐ŸŽตShould old behavior be spanked out
spanked red is my behind

๐ŸŽตShould all behavior be spanked out
and auld lang syne

๐ŸŽตFor auld lang syne, Daddy
for auld lang syne

๐ŸŽตPlease take your belt to my soft ass,
for auld lang syne

To The Tune of ABC

๐ŸŽตA, B, C, D
E, F, G
๐ŸŽตDaddy, I want you
to please spank me.
๐ŸŽตQ, R, S
T, U, V
๐ŸŽตMark my ass. Daddy, please
Now I know my ABC's
๐ŸŽตNext time, Daddy, choke fuck me!

To The Tune of Rock-a-Bye Baby

๐ŸŽตRock-a-bye princess, on Daddy's lap
He lifts up your skirt, you wait for the slap
๐ŸŽตWhen he is finished, your cheeks are bright red
Now it is time to, be tied to the bed!

To The Tune of Ring a Ring O' Roses

๐ŸŽตRing around the Daddy
Princesses needing madly

๐ŸŽต"My turn!" "My turn!"
We all get some!

To The Tune of On Top of Old Smokey

๐ŸŽตOn top of my Daddy, begging for his cum
I lost my pink panties, removed by his thumb

๐ŸŽตHe then flipped me over, draped atop his lap
pinched hard my soft flesh and, bit hard my ass

๐ŸŽตI begged him to fuck me, but he said, "not yet"
Then in went his fingers, to increase my wet

Saturday, January 18, 2020

To The Tune of Tomorrow

๐ŸŽตThe spankings will come
From Daddy
๐ŸŽตBet your princess collar
That my Daddy
๐ŸŽตWill spank me

๐ŸŽตJust spanking my ass
Til it’s sore
๐ŸŽตClears away behavior
Problems and more

๐ŸŽตPlease,spank me
My, Daddy
๐ŸŽตI need ya, my Daddy
You’re always
๐ŸŽตThe best, Daddy

To The Tune of Baby Bumblebee

๐ŸŽตI’m bending down to touch my toes, you see
Won’t my Daddy be so proud of me
๐ŸŽตI’m wiggling my ass for him to please
Ouch! He spanked me!
๐ŸŽตI’m rubbing out the sting from my red cheeks
Won’t my Daddy be so proud of me..

To The Tune of Jesus Loves The Little Children

๐ŸŽตDaddy loves to give me spankings!
All the spankings he can give.

๐ŸŽตRed and purple, pink and blue,
my soft flesh takes on new hue.

๐ŸŽตDaddy loves to give me spankings all he can!

To The Tune of Silent Night

๐ŸŽตDeviant night, horny night
none are calm, pure delight

๐ŸŽตRound young ass cheeks, beg to be spanked.
Horny princess, her Daddy she'll thank.

๐ŸŽตSpank my heavenly ass, please.
Spank my heavenly ass.

To The Tune of Do You Hear What I Hear

๐ŸŽตSaid the Daddy to His little sub
Do you feel what I feel?

๐ŸŽตWhen I spank your ass, little sub
Do you feel what I feel?

๐ŸŽตAs your ass, your ass
Wiggling in my lap
๐ŸŽตWith your cheeks as red as cherry

๐ŸŽตWith your cheeks as red as cherry

To The Tune of Drummer Boy

๐ŸŽตCum, He told me
Pa rum pum pum-pum

๐ŸŽตAll over your Daddy
Pa rum pum pum-pum

๐ŸŽตYou be a good girl now
Pa rum pum pum-pum

๐ŸŽตSoon for me you’ll bow
Pa rum pum pum-pum
๐ŸŽตRum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum

๐ŸŽตNow for me you’ll cum
Pa rum pum pum-pum

๐ŸŽตFor me cum

To The Tune of My Favorite Things

๐ŸŽตDaddy's strong hands as they pinch my small nipples,
spankings and bondage, pleasing me's simple.
๐ŸŽตHis hard cock fucking my mouth 'til He cums,
a few of my favorite things He sees done!

๐ŸŽตAll the ass bites!
All the belt stings!
๐ŸŽตGet me feeling glad...

To The Tune of Deck The Halls

๐ŸŽตSpank my ass, please Daddy, spank me! 
๐ŸŽตTits and thighs need spanking too, please! 
๐ŸŽตCuff me to the bedposts right now! 
Fa-la-la/ la-la-la/ la-la-la!
๐ŸŽตMy body is your toy, Dad-dy! 

To The Tune of Jingle Bells

๐ŸŽตDaddyTime is here
In a hotel room we play
๐ŸŽตO’er His lap I’m tossed
Spankings all the way
๐ŸŽตLets me touch His balls
Much to my delight
๐ŸŽตWhat fun it is to suck and play 
with Daddy’s balls tonight!

๐ŸŽตDaddy’s balls
Daddy’s balls
๐ŸŽตDaddy, let me play
Oh what fun it is...

To The Tune of Jesus Loves Me

๐ŸŽตDaddy spanks my bratty ass,
cuz it helps reduce my sass.
๐ŸŽตHe also does so for His fun,
will not stop until I cum.

๐ŸŽตYes, Daddy spanks me,
Yes, Daddy spanks me.
๐ŸŽตYes, Daddy spanks me,
He spanks my naughty bum.

To The Tune of This Land is Your Land

๐ŸŽตMy ass is His ass, my clit is His clit
๐ŸŽตFrom my hungry pussy, to my legs and footsies,
๐ŸŽตFrom my little boobies, to my slutty mouth-hole,
๐ŸŽตI belong to my Daddy

To The Tune of Hokey Pokey

๐ŸŽตHe spanks her princess ass,
He fucks her bratty mouth,
๐ŸŽตHe twists her nipples hard,
and he makes her body shout!

๐ŸŽตHe does the hoe-key pokey,
as he flips his slut around.
๐ŸŽตThat’s what it’s all about!

To The Tune of Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush

๐ŸŽตThis is the way I give him head,
give him head,give him head.

๐ŸŽตThis is the way I give him head,
so early in the morning.

๐ŸŽตThis is the way he spanks my ass,
spanks my ass,spanks my ass.

๐ŸŽตThis is the way he spanks my ass,
so early in the morning